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Lithium Power

Updated virtual site trip

1 Video - Dec 17

Updated virtual site trip to the Maricunga lithium project in Chile.

Preliminary Economic Assessment – Valuation Update

1 Video - Dec 17

Lithium Power has release a positive Preliminary Economic Assessment Study.  This video:

  • Reviews the results
  • Provides a valuation update

Resource upgrade at Maricunga Project – Valuation & Analysis

1 Video - Jul 17

Lithium Power has increase the resource the Maricunga Project by 270% to 2.1Mt LCE. This video provides analysis on:

  • Key highlights of the upgrade;
  • Valuation update; and
  • An update on the lithium market.

Initiation Report

7 Videos - May 17

Lithium Power is an ASX listed company and is developing a world class Maricunga Lithium brine project in Chile.  The report includes:

  • Valuation & Investment Analysis;
  • Site trip and review of the planned Lithium operation;
  • Highlight the key elements for a lithium brine project; and
  • Review of the lithium sector.

Maricunga Project – Virtual Site Trip

1 Video - Jan 17

Site trip to the Maricunga Lithium Brine Project in Chile.  Video includes analysis on the:

  • Region & surrounding infrastructure;
  • Review of the on-going development work; and
  • Planned mining & processing options.

What to look for in a lithium brine project

1 Video - Jan 17

Highlight the key attributes of a lithium brine project.  Topics discussed include:

  • Difference between brines and hard rock sources;
  • How brine projects are formed;
  • Where they are located; and
  • What are the key attributes that make a brine project economical.

What is lithium?

1 Video - Jan 17

Review of the fundamentals for lithium. Analysis includes:

  • Sources & uses;
  • Supply – Current & future; and
  • Demand – Current & future.