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Lithium Australia (LIT:ASX)

Management Update

1 Video - Oct 17

Interview with Managing Director, Adrian Griffin for an update on recent activities.  Topics discussed include:

  • Galaxy Resources has acquired a 12% interest in Lepidico Ltd.  Can you comment on this?
  • What work is required by LIT to extend their exclusive right to use LPD’s L-Max technology past 2020?
  • LIT and Poseidon Nickel announced an exploration-processing MoU over Lake Johnston project in WA.  Can you discuss this further?
  • Lake Johnson was previously a nickel operation.  How will this infrastructure be retrofitted  for a lithium operation?
  • Can you provide an update on the Very Small Particle Company acquisition?
  • Can you provide an update on your graphite assets?

Proposed acquisition of Very Small Particle Company

1 Video - Aug 17

Interview with Managing Director Adrian Griffin.  Questions include:

  • LIT has announced the potential acquisition of the Very Small Particle Company Ltd (“VSPC”).  Can you discuss this opportunity in more detail?
  • What are some of the key aspects that attracted LIT to this opportunity?
  • How does this potential transaction add to LIT’s overall strategy?
  •  Can you provide an update for your German project?
  •  Can you provide an update for your Mexican project?

Management Update

1 Video - Jun 17

Interview with Managing Director, Adrian Griffin for an update on the company’s activities. Key areas:

  • Update on Tin International JV
  • Leaching results at Mexican lithium project
  • Ravensthorpe mineralised zone

Exploration & development opportunities

1 Video - Apr 17

Interview with Managing Director, Adrian Griffin.  Topics discussed include:

  • Update on the Black Earth IPO
  • Results of recent drilling at Mexico projects
  • Update on JV with Tin International and the work plan
  • Update on Ravensthorpe project

Corporate Update

1 Video - Apr 17

Interview with Managing Director, Adrian Griffin.  Topics discussed include:

  • Status of Lepidico takeover
  • Health and safety aspects of Sileach
  • L-Max technology value & decision to acquire Lepidico
  • Sileach technology

Corporate Update

1 Video - Mar 17

We interviewed Managing Director Adrian Griffin to discuss;

  • the settlement of litigation with Lepidico;
  • the potential take-over with Lepidico;
  • the recent JV with Tin International for a German project.

Management Update – Corporate & exploration update

1 Video - Feb 17

Interview with Managing Director, Adrian Griffin for an update on the company’s exploration projects & other activities.  

Management Update – Sileach

1 Video - Jan 17

Interview with Managing Director, Adrian Griffen for an update on the Sileach technology.

AGM Presentation

1 Video - Nov 16

AGM Presentation - Adrian Griffin

Management update – October 2016

1 Video - Oct 16

Managing Director, Adrian Griffin updates us on LIT activities.  Highlights include:

  • Sileach pilot test results and next step in commercialization process;
  • SPP capital raising and use of funds;
  • Exploration in Mexico;
  • Graphite IPO; and
  • Canadian assets

Management Update

1 Video - Sep 16

Lithium Australia’s Managing Director, Adrian Griffin updates us on the company’s activities, highlights include:

  • Test work on Sileach;
  • Exploration update;
  • IPO of graphite assets?; and
  • Outlook for Lithium Australia for the rest of 2016



What is Sileach?

2 Videos - Jun 16
  • Sileach™ is a hydrometallurgical process aiming to be a cheaper alternative for the recovery lithium from hard rock mining sources such as spodumene, and other silicates.
  • Cost reduction will be achieved through elimination of  the ‘roasting’ process as well as allowing for the recovery of additional by-product credits.
  • This review explains how the Sileach process works.

Lithium – Supply & Demand

2 Videos - Jun 16

Detailed review of the fundamentals of lithium, including:

  • Sources & uses;
  • Supply – Current & future;
  • Demand – Current & future;
  • Unique pricing characteristics.

Project location

1 Video - Jun 16
  • Review of Lithium Australia extensive Lithium portfolio throughout the world.

Initiation Report June 2016

8 Videos - Jun 16

Analysis of Lithium Australia (LIT:ASX) as an investment opportunity, including:

  • Investment & risk assessment;
  • Technology overview (Sileach);
  • Project locations; and
  • Lithium analysis – supply, demand & pricing