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Family Zone (FZO:ASX)

Management Update

1 Video - Aug 17

Interview with management to discuss activities during the past quarter.  Key topics discussed include:

  • Financial and sales results;
  • New partnerships;
  • Recent capital raising; and
  • Targets for the upcoming quarter.

Initiation Report

10 Videos - Jun 17

Family Zone is an ASX listed company that has developed a comprehensive cyber safety platform that has been rolled out in schools and in family homes across Australia.  This report includes:

  • Valuation, investment and risk analysis;
  • A number of management interviews, which discuss the company’s business model and the role of the cyber experts; and
  • A review of the parental control industry, highlighting key online risks to children, the size of the industry and future growth potential, as well as comparing Family Zone’s ecosystem solution to other products.

Valuation Analysis

1 Video - Jun 17

Valuation Analysis for Family Zone of $0.87/ share.  This video discusses the key assumptions used to determine our valuation.

Business Model

1 Video - Jun 17

Discuss with Managing Director, Tim Levy, to explain the company’s business model in further detail.

What is a Cyber Expert?

1 Video - Jun 17

Family Zones sets itself apart from it’s competition with their team of cyber-experts.  We talk to one of Family Zone’s cyber experts, Jordan Foster, what is a cyber expert and why does Family Zone have a variety of cyber experts to chose from.

Parental control industry – Current products

3 Videos - Jun 17

The parental control market is quite fragmented with vastly different products offered by different providers. This video reviews the current offerings and identify’s how FZO ecosystem approach addresses many of the industry’s shortcomings.