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Cassini Resources (ASX:CZI)

Management update – Scoping Study

1 Video - Nov 17

Interview with Managing Director, Richard Bevan regarding the Scoping Study for West Musgrave.

Scoping Study – Valuation update

1 Video - Nov 17

Cassini Resources (ASX:CZI) and its joint-venture partner Oz Minerals (ASX:OZL) have announced the results of a scoping study for the West Musgrave nickel-copper-cobalt project in Western Australia. Highlights of the announcement include the following.

  • Annual throughput – 10 Mtpa (previously 4 Mtpa).
  • Average LOM nickel production – 20,000 to 25,000 tpa.
  • Average LOM copper production – 20,000 to 25,000 tpa.
  • Life of mine (LOM) C1 cost payable nickel – US$2.00 to $2.30 per lb.
  • Life of mine (LOM) AISC payable nickel – US$2.90 to $3.30 per lb.
  • Oz Minerals is proceeding to the next stage of the earn-in agreement, whereby Oz Minerals can acquire 51% of the project by spending $19 million within 18 months.

West Musgrave Project – Scoping Study update

1 Video - Aug 17

Interview with Managing Director, Richard Bevan for an update on the West Musgrave Project.  Topics discussed include:

  • Further information on the metallurgical test work results, water and energy; and
  • Work required prior to the release of the Scoping Study.


Cobalt credit – valuation update

1 Video - Apr 17
  • In addition to nickel & cobalt, the WMP will produce around 500tpa of cobalt.
  • Even with a conservative payability of 50%, the WMP would generate revenue of around $18m pa.
  • This increases our valuation to $0.20 / share (previous $0.17/share).

Management update

1 Video - Mar 17

Interview with Cassini Resources Managing Director Richard Bevan.  Topics discussed include:

  • The importance of the cobalt credit for the Nebo Babel and the potential for further cobalt discoveries in the West Musgrave region;
  • Drilling that is planned for the coming quarter; and
  • Details of the revised Scoping Study.


One Tree Hill – Exploration results

1 Video - Dec 16

Interview with Cassini’s Management team regarding One Tree Hill exploration results.  Questions include:

  • Can you please discuss the recent drill results at One Tree Hill which encountered Massive Sulphides?
  • What led you to target The One Tree Hill area?  Where is it in relation to Nebo Babel?
  • What follow up work is planned and what does this potentially mean to Nebo Babel project and the JV?
  • Can you provide an update on other activities in the coming months?

AGM Presentation

1 Video - Nov 16

AGM presentation – Richard Bevan, Managing Director

12 month review & valuation update

1 Video - Nov 16

As Cassini has been under coverage for 12 months we have:

  • Reviewed the company’s progress during the past year;
  • Highlight the targets for the next 12 months; and 
  • Provide an updated valuation for the company.

Management update

1 Video - Nov 16

Management update from Managing Director, Richard Bevan.  Topics discussed include:

  • West Musgrave project & Oz Minerals JV;
  • SPP capital raising;
  • Mt Squires gold project; and
  • West Arunta zinc project.

$36m JV with OZ Minerals

1 Video - Aug 16

Interview with Managing Director, Richard Bevan regarding the $36m JV with OZ Minerals for the West Musgrave project.

Presentation – RRS Conference

1 Video - May 16

Presentation by Managing Director, Richard Bevan at the Resources Rising Stars conference on the Gold Coast - May 2016

Interview – Exploration update

1 Video - Apr 16

Interview with Executive Director, Greg Miles to discuss the exploration strategy for Cassini during 2016. Topics discussed include an update for the exploration strategy at West Musgrave Project, an overview of the West Arunta Project and what has lead Cassini to believe they have potential discovered a new zinc – lead province at West Arunta.

Nebo Babel Project

1 Video - Jan 16
  • Site trip to the Nebo Babel Project in the West Musgrave region of western Australia.
  • Cassini acquired the Nebo Babel project from BHP Billiton in 2014, and has since increase the size and confidence level of the resource as well as releasing a positive scoping study in 2015.
  • The Scoping Study highlighted that Nebo Babel has the potential to be a large tonnage, low cost nickel and copper operation, with production due to commence in 2018.
  • We review the mining and processing methods identified in the scoping study as well as reviewing the options to export the concentrate from site to port.

AGM Presentation

1 Video - Nov 15
  • AGM Presentation  - Managing Director Richard Bevan.
  • 26 November 2015.

Interview: Management Update

1 Video - Nov 15

Interview with Managing Director, Richard Bevan to discuss the highlights of the quarter.

Succoth Drilling Results – Interview

1 Video - Sep 15

Interview with Managing Director, Richard Bevan to discuss the drilling results at the Succoth project.  Questions include:

  • The purpose of the program;
  • What impact the results have on the potential for the Succoth project; and
  • What other work Cassini is currently working on.

Initiation Report August 2015

9 Videos - Aug 15

Initiation report  on Cassini Resources (ASX:CZI), an ASX listed Nickel-Copper development company.  Report includes:

  • Valuation & Investment analysis;
  • Site trip to project – Nebo Babel;
  • Review of the exploration potential; and
  • Management Interviews.