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Minbos Resources (ASX:MNB)

Management Update

1 Video - Oct 17

Minbos Resources has provided an update on the progress of their high grade Cacata phosphate project in Angloa. Questions discussed include:

  • Can you please discuss the results of your EGM? What does this mean for MNB shareholders?
  • Can you provide an update on the study for the Cacata Project?
  • What are the key targets for the rest of 2017?

Phosphate – Pricing

1 Video - Oct 17

Review of the the factors which effect the phosphate price.

Phosphate – Uses, supply & demand

1 Video - Oct 17

Review of the fundamentals for the phosphate industry and the factors affecting supply and demand.

Management Update

1 Video - May 17

Interview with CEO, Lindsay Reed for an update on the company.  Topics discussed include:

  • The trade off study; and
  • Update on the BFS.


Cabinda Merger – Management Update

1 Video - Dec 16

Management update on the key terms and reasons for the Cabinda merger.

Cabinda Merger – Valuation Update & Analysis

1 Video - Dec 16

Minbos Resource has announced a merger with their JV partner regarding their Cabinda Phosphate project in Angola.  This analysis reviews the:

  • Deal terms;
  • Updated valuation;
  • Benefits of the transaction; and
  • Upcoming catalysts.


Management update

1 Video - Nov 16

Interview with Lindsay Reed, CEO of Minbos Resources for an update on the company’s activities.  Topics discussed include:

  • Update on the bulk sample testwork results;
  • What impact will these results have on capital and operating costs; and
  • What is the time frame for completing the trade-off study.


Investment Analysis – 12 month review

2 Videos - Jul 16
  • This analysis take a look back at what Minbos achieved during 2015, the key targets for 2016 as well as our current and long term valuation for the company.

Corporate Update

1 Video - Apr 16
  • Interview with CEO, Lindsay Reed to provide an update on Minbos.  Topics discussed include:
    • The recent $3.4m capital raising.
    • Targets for the recently commenced Bankable Feasibility Study.
    • The phosphate market; and
    • Minbos strategy for the remainder of 2016?

Operation – Cacata Project

1 Video - Jul 15
  • Site trip to the Cacata Project in Angola.
  • Recent management changes have focused on the high grade section of the project, which has a resource of 13Mt at 26% P2O5.
  • The project is supported by excellent road infrastructure, access to power as well as support from the local community and national government.
  • Given the grade of the deposit we believe only a simple scrub and screen will be required to process the concentrate to a saleable product.
  • We review two port options to export the phosphate concentrate.

What is Phosphate?

1 Video - Jul 15

Review of the phosphate industry.  Key areas discussed include:

  • Uses;
  • Pricing;
  • Supply; and
  • Demand.

Initiation Report June 2015

11 Videos - Jun 15

Initiation report  on Minbos Resources (ASX:MNB), an ASX listed phosphate development company.  Report includes:

  • Valuation Analysis;
  • Site trip to Angola;
  • Review of the phosphate sector; and
  • Management Interviews.